Jane Denton

Jane Denton - photo by justindesmondphotography.co.ukCBE, FRCN, RGN, RM, Multiple Births Foundation

Jane Denton is Director of the MBF (Multiple Births Foundation), a charity based at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital, London.
The MBF works with professionals to raise awareness and improve services to meet the specific and special needs of multiple birth

Jane has a wide experience of the clinical, scientific and ethical challenges presented by the advances in reproductive technologies. 


Jane’s professional background is nursing and midwifery with a specialist interest in infertility. This led to her work with the MBF as the implications of multiple births arising from infertility treatments began to emerge in the late 1980s. She became Director of the MBF in 1998 and has written and lectured extensively on all aspects of multiple births.

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