Multiple pregnancy - antenatal care and deliveries

Anna's story

“It’s been a hell of a journey to get to where we are now.”

After Anna and her husband’s third ICSI treatment, Anna became pregnant with twins. Her pregnancy had several complications, including Braxton Hicks contractions, an infection and dramatic swelling of her legs. Anna was induced in her 37th week and although the first twin was born without incident, twin 2’s entrance into the world was much more traumatic.

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Claire's story

“…these babies were so desperately wanted, but nobody should underestimate how tough a twin pregnancy is.”

After IVF and a single embryo transfer, Claire found that she was pregnant with twins! Having had a successful singleton pregnancy previously, Claire is able to compare the two experiences.

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Linda's story

“The financial side of having triplets is crippling… but the reward is three times greater.”

Linda found that she was pregnant with triplets after her second stimulated IUI treatment. After a pregnancy in which she suffered from symphysis pubis dysfunction, extreme discomfort and insomnia, she had a C-section at 33 weeks. She now has three healthy daughters but the practical and financial impact is tough!

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