Outcomes from multiple pregnancies

Jane's story

“…the thought of getting pregnant again with twins fills me with fear…so it will be one embryo next time.”

Jane and her partner had a history of unsuccessful artificial insemination, so eventually tried IVF, followed by a double embryo transfer. They were thrilled to find they were expecting twins. Sadly, after a fairly trouble-free pregnancy, the twins were born prematurely, resulting in a devastating loss.

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Julia's story

“I was unprepared for the problems specific to premature babies – they are hard to feed and difficult to look after…”

Due to fertility problems, Julia had ICSI followed by a double embryo transfer. She was initially anxious to find herself pregnant with twins as she had assumed that her age and fertility issues had reduced her chances of multiple pregnancy.

After an emergency C-section at 34 weeks, the twins were born. The first weeks weren’t easy, due to the difficulties of caring for and bonding with such tiny, premature babies, but nothing prepared Julia for the shock of losing her son.

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Kirsty's story

“My husband and I have already decided to opt for SET as we would live each day in fear of a miscarriage if we were to have twins or triplets again.”

After 5 unsuccessful attempts at IUI, Kirsty and her husband had their first IVF treatment followed by double embryo transfer. They were very excited, although rather worried, when they discovered they were expecting triplets. Sadly, none survived beyond the 16th week.

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Rachel's story

“People planning fertility treatment may read this and think, “It’ll never happen to me.” But I never thought I would need treatment, and I certainly never imagined that one day I would take time out every weekend to tend my son’s grave.”

After a discouraging response to her interest in single embryo transfer, Rachel had a double embryo transfer and became pregnant with twins. Her pregnancy was complicated and traumatic, and she struggled to find explanations for her difficulties and to have her concerns recognised, even during a long hospital stay. Born at 30 weeks, her tiny, very premature twins were vulnerable to infections and a tragic loss was to follow.

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Sarah's story

“If my story makes just one couple think about eSET then it has been worthwhile.”

During fertility treatment, Sarah suffered from OHSS. Despite this, she had a double blastocyst transfer and became pregnant with twins. After a traumatic pregnancy, the twins were born during the 23rd week. However, their story was to have a tragic outcome.

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