Experiences of having multiples

Helen's story

“I experienced all the normal pregnancy-related symptoms…but a lot earlier than I would have had it been a single pregnancy.”

Helen is a surrogate mother. Due to wanting to ensure the intended parents got their longed-for child, she had double blastocyst transfer. She carried the twins for 37 weeks, but many of the less pleasant aspects of pregnancy such as acid reflux and high blood pressure, started much earlier than usual and the delivery was by emergency C-section.

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Lucy's story

“Everything seems to take twice as long as it did before (but) the girls are so beautiful and I count my blessings every morning.”

After ICSI and a double blastocyst transfer, Lucy’s twin pregnancy was a positive experience and she only had health problems in the final stages. The weeks that followed the birth were very hard work and the twins are an undoubted strain on the finances, but she says the positives far outweigh the negatives.

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