Double embryo transfer without considering the risks

Jennifer's story

“Since one baby seemed an impossible dream, it never occurred to either of us that we might have twins.”

After many delays and frustrations in actually starting fertility treatment, Jennifer and her husband had 2 unsuccessful attempts at IUI before she became pregnant with twins after IVF.

Although the pregnancy was uneventful, birth was by C-section and the aftercare Jennifer received left her stressed and exhausted. She says that twins are undoubtedly hard work but is thankful for her healthy son and daughter.

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Mary's story

“If we ever go down the IVF route again…I think I would only have one embryo transferred as we now know about the risks and have experienced the 9 months of worry.”

During her second IVF treatment, Mary and her husband decided to have two embryos transferred. It was only after Mary was pregnant with twins and started doing her own research that she realised the risks involved in a multiple pregnancy.

Although she was lucky enough to have two healthy babies, her daughter remains small. As Mary now appreciates the risks involves, she feels she would have only one embryo transferred if there is ever a next time.

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