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Fetal reduction

Also called multi-fetal pregnancy reduction or selective abortion, where one or more of the fetuses is aborted in order to achieve a singleton or lower order multiple birth.


Middle stage of development between the embryonic stage and the birth of the baby, when all main recognisable features are shown, i.e. from the end of the second month of pregnancy.


A small sac in the ovary in which an egg develops.


When parts of the cells comprising the embryo spontaneously break off. Embryos with high levels of fragmentation are considered poor quality.

Fresh cycle

An IVF cycle using fresh (not previously frozen) embryos for transfer.

Frozen or thawed cycle

An IVF cycle using embryos that were frozen after creation and then thawed for transfer.

FSH units

Follicle stimulating hormone units. Refers to the amount of drugs a woman needs to receive in order to generate eggs for collection.