Association of Clinical Embryologists. It is the professional body of and for embryologists in the UK, set up to promote high standards of practice in clinical embryology and to support the professional interests of embryologists working in the UK.
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All Party Parliamentary Group on Infertility

A group that raises awareness of infertility issues in Parliament and the need for full implementation of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence´s (NICE) clinical guidelines on the assessment and treatment for couples with fertility problems.


A condition characterised by too few red blood cells in the bloodstream, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to tissues and organs.

Antenatal (prenatal) care

Care provided between conception and birth.


Assisted Reproductive Technologies.


American Society of Reproductive Medicine. A voluntary, non-for-profit organisation devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, including infertility, menopause, contraception and sexuality.
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Assisted hatching

A technique involving the artificial creation of an opening in the outer coating or ´shell´ of an embryo, or thinning of this coating. It is used to help the growing embryo to emerge from the shell in order to implant properly in the uterus. This can be done mechanically or by use of lasers or chemicals.